Welcome to Dorset Rehabilitation Centre

At Dorset Rehabilitation Centre, our patients always come first. Our hospital has been contributing to the provision of high quality care since opening in the early 1970s. Our hospital is recognised for contributing to the provision of high quality, patient-focused care while our friendly and highly trained nursing staff, health professionals and accredited private specialists foster a dynamic, team-based environment, which is reflected in the best clinical care and a warm caring environment.

Dorset Rehabilitation Centre is a fully accredited 30-bed hospital rehabilitation facility. Caring for people of all ages, we contribute to the provision of inpatient and outpatient programs with a special emphasis on orthopaedic, cardiac, neurological, trauma rehabilitation and pain management.

Dorset Rehabilitation Centre is committed to contributing to the provision of the very best care to the north-west community of Melbourne. We recognise the integral and important role we play as part of our local community. This is reflected in our focus and excellent support programs for our patients, accredited private specialists and referring doctors.

If you have any questions regarding your stay at Dorset Rehabilitation Centre or would like to tour our facilities please call 03 8371 9477.  Privacy Brochure, Patient Information Brochure, Rights & Responsibilities Brochure.